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Compost Country Continues

Good News! The Glencoe Community Garden is composting again this winter! Kudos to the Village of Glencoe for encouraging the CHOICE TO COMPOST with the new option offered by Lakeshore Recycling. Until that program starts in April 1, save your kitchen scraps from landfill by simply dropping them off in GCGs bin at the Takiff Center on Sunday mornings, 9:30-11:30am. Important: Please contact Barbara Miller for instructions.

For residents who have already been composting with GCG or for those who have (or haven’t, but want to try anyways) opted into the Village’s yard waste and food scrap collection program, this is a great way to maintain or get an early start on an important home ritual. We can impact our community’s collective effort towards a cleaner planet and a better environment by COMPOSTING. The Village’s new program begins April 1, so here’s an opportunity to kick-start your effort by composting with the GCG. In 2017, the GCG saved about 3,000 gallons of waste from landfill! Community members brought their kitchen scraps to the Garden where volunteers chopped them, layered them with dried leaves and turned them into amazingly rich compost to grow the Garden’s food in. That produced over 4,000 pounds of organic veggies for those in need as well as endless service learning opportunities for local families, teens, kids and multiple other groups. Join us by reaching out to for winter composting details. It’s an easy and meaningful community effort!

Don’t miss the Garden’s winter programming at Takiff:

January 11 @ 6:30pm: Roasting Vegetables

January 30 @ 6:30pm: Foraging Wild Edibles on the North Shore

February 28 @ 6:30pm: Growing Hydroponically at Home

March 20 @ 6:30pm: Zero Waste 101

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