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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As seen in the KOL

At the Glencoe Community Garden, in our own small way, we are trying to lessen our carbon footprint and help our community to do the same. The Garden models sustainable practices by producing electricity for its Greenhouse with solar power and collecting rainwater for its Drip Irrigation.

This season, the GCG developed three methods for growing hydroponically, simply with water and liquid nutrients. Each of these systems can easily be reproduced at home for inside growing all year round! The simplest system is for growing incredibly delicious, fast growing, highly nutritious mini varieties of leaf flavors, also known as micro-greens. These mini-greens are both sweet and spicy as they add a fabulous punch to practically any meal, plain or gourmet! Plus studies show that micro-greens have as much as five times the vitamins and carotenoids as their mature plant counterparts. Would you like a jump-start on growing micro-greens? Please stop by the Garden and ask away!

It’s fun to grow your own food and if it doesn’t work, just try again. Investing in a packet of seeds is less than a cup of coffee from Starbucks. This winter is a great time to consider what to try growing come spring. Whether inside under lights or outside in pots, the gratification of growing your food feels great and tastes even better. To make your home growing even easier for your lettuces, kales, chards and herbs, the GCG has handcrafted beautiful Vertical Gardens that can sit on a patio or backyard. Please contact us to find out how you can have your own.

The GCG has been active this summer in placing vertical beds with several of our ‘food partners’ where they have had success in their own food production for their clients. As part of the Garden’s Get/Give Vertical Garden kit, each time individuals contribute for a Vertical Garden of their own; the GCG donates another to a social service agency. In addition, this season Crown Farms donated 2,000 pounds of their commercial compost so the donated VGs would arrive ready to plant!

Even though we are believers that anyone can see success in growing food, we know it may not always be practical to consider. It is both the GCG’s mission and desire to not only to produce food for those in need, but also inspire our friends, neighbors and fellow congregants to buy locally produced, seasonal food. This practice scales back on and discourages the need for energy use to produce and transport produce from long distances.

There are so many other ways to standup for climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. We are using our Am Shalom reusable bag for groceries instead of the store supplied plastic or paper and we are bringing a reusable cup for coffee or water to forego paper from the coffee shop etc.. Many more ideas at: We hope to invite the Zero Waste team to Glencoe for a free educational program this winter. See you there!

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